Connor Memorial Windows

        These windows are very appropriately devoted to the Life of Our Lord.

        The first panel, on the left, symbolizes His Birth and early Preparation; the second, His Ministry; the third, His Passion; and finally, on the right, His triumphant Resurrection.

        Three significant incidents are symbolized in each lancet, reading upward.

        First, the Nativity with the Blessed Virgin Mary kneeling before the Christ Child in the manger. In the field are Saint Joseph with his flowering staff, the traditional ox and ass, and the Star of Bethlehem casting down its rays on the Holy Child.

        The second medallion represents the Boy Jesus in the Temple disputing with the teachers - "Both hearing them, and asking them questions".

        At the top is the Baptism of Our Lord by Saint John the Baptist who holds the symbolic Shell over His head. Above is the descending Dove of the Holy Spirit.

        In the lower medallion of the second panel Our Lord teaches the Women of Samaria at Jacob's Well.

        Above, He heals the leper who carries the staff and bell to warn others of his presence; and at the top, He is transformed in garments of glistening white accompanied by the Prophets Moses and Elias; with the Apostles Peter, James, and John kneeling below.

        In the lancet head is the six-pointed Creator's Star formed of interlaced triangles.

        Symbols at the base represent Saint Joseph's carpenter tools - the mallet and saw; and the Wheat and Tares of Our Lord's Parable.

        The dominant quatrefoil tracery is enriched with the symbol of the Lamb of God bearing the cruciform banner of victory, with the sacred monograms, IHC and XPC, and Stars of Heavenly Steadfastness in smaller members.

        The second window begins with the
Last Supper. Our Lord holds the cup, before the table surrounded by the twelve Apostles.

        Above, He is brought before Pilate, standing bound and holding the reed, while Pilate washes his hands.

        At the top is the Crucifixion, with Mary His Mother and Saint John the beloved Disciple at either side. Above is the superscription - INRI "The King of the Jews".

        In the lower medallion of the last panel is the empty tomb with Saints Peter and John, first of the Disciples to reach the tomb, and Saint Mary Magdalene, first to see Him after His Resurrection.

        Above, the risen Christ appears to the
doubting Thomas, while at the top is the Ascension, with the welcoming hands of God the Father.

        In the base panels are symbols of the Passion - the Crown of Thorns and Cross, balanced by the traditional Phoenix rising anew from the flames of its nest.

        In the tracery quatrefoil is the Gate of Heaven and the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end. Other tracery members are enriched with six winged Seraphim, Angelic members nearest the throne of God.

        The fields separating and uniting the medallions are designed in geometric and foliated pattern with the recurring symbol of the Cross.

        At the base is the Memorial Inscription, "In memory of William Connor and Ann Jane Connor" (left), and "In memory of Howard Cecil Connor" (right).

        The palette is kept light and brilliant though colorful, to adequately illuminate the choir and chancel. Blue is the predominant note throughout, foiled with passages of ruby and green, and clearly accented with gold and silver.

  -- Charles J. Connick Associates


DESIGNER: Connick Associates

ARCHITECT: Cram and Ferguson

DEDICATED: June 7, 1964

DONOR: Miss Eleanor Connor


FOOTAGE: 93'6" each



PRICE: $10,000 ($53.47/ft) (Loss: $2700)


LOCATION: East Chancel

SIGHT SIZE: 22'6" X 5'3"


"In memory of Eleanor Connor" added in May 1969 at a cost of $65.33.

Connick #4730