The angelic figure clothed in blue dalmatic, and holding
flowering lilies suggests the
Angel of Annunciation (Gabriel)

        The right hand is raised in a
gesture of blessing

        Above is the six-pointed
Star of the Creator

        The Memorial Inscription at the base reads:

1844 Sidney M. Hedges 1924
1846 Anna M. Hedges 1926

  -- Walter G. Ball


DESIGNER: Walter G. Ball

ARCHITECT: Cram and Ferguson

DEDICATED: October 31, 1926

DONOR: The Daughters (Mrs. Baylor, Mrs. Eastwick, Mrs. Tillinghast)

EXPOSURE: East  LOCATION: Resting Chapel

SIGHT SIZE: 73.5" X 19.5"



PRICE: $300


Walter G. Ball worked in Harry E. Goodhue's Cambridge studio;
had his own studio at 2 Palmer Street, Cambridge, 1915-18; was
a partner in Ball and Burnham, 1918-20; was a partner in
Phipps-Ball-Burnham Co., 1920-22; and in 1923, was associated
with the Colonial Stained Glass Works (The Colonial Stained
Glass Works, fabricator of this window, was established in 1889
at 161 High Street, Boston; relocated at 167 Oliver Street, Boston,
1920-21; and in 1922, moved to 64 Stanhope Street, Boston).

The contract for The Hedges Window was signed May 21, 1926, and called for "the design, fabrication, and installation of a Resurrection Window".

The description of this window was done by Charles J. Connick.