In this window are represented two Fathers of the Greek Church, Saint Polycarp and Saint Irenaeus; and two Virgin Martyrs, Saint Catherine of Alexandria and Saint Perpetua of Carthage.

          Saint Polycarp who, with Saint Ignatius, was a disciple of Saint John the Evangelist is here represented as the Bishop of Smyrna. The last meeting of these two saints, who were linked together in friendship and good works, is the subject of the predella.

          Sentenced to death, Saint Ignatius entrusted to Saint Polycarp the care of his church. St. Polycarp replied, "Would to God that I too might be found worthy to suffer for this cause!" Knowing his friend's zeal, Saint Ignatius prophesied "Doubt not, brother, that thy time will come, but for the present the Church has need of thee".

           Above are burning fagots, symbols of his coming Martyrdom.

          Saint Catherine holds an open book, denoting her learning, and wears the Queen's crown. Below she disputes with the philosophers, oraters and sages. Above is the wheel set with knives, symbol of her martyrdom.

          Saint Perpetua bears the martyr's palm and in the predella is represented with Saint Felicitas, taking leave of her young child before going to meet her death.

          On the shield above are her symbols suggesting the vision in which she saw a golden ladder reaching from earth to heaven. At the foot was a guardian dragon. At Saint perpetua's words, "In the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ, he shall not hurt me", the dragon gently lifted his head as a stepping stone to assist her in mounting the ladder.

          Saint Irenaeus has the Bishop's staff and a scroll. The latter is repeated as his symbol together with the lighted torch, on the shield above. Below he is symbolized as the learned teacher and inspired preacher.

          In the tracery are angels of Praise with musical instruments and book.

          The Memorial Inscription reads, "Gift of Julia M. Champlin, devoted member of this Parish. Born 1839 - Died 1910".

  -- Charles J. Connick



DESIGNER: Charles J. Connick

ARCHITECT: Cram, Goodhue and Ferguson

DEDICATED: June 2, 1912

DONOR: Julia M. Champlin, in her will





PRICE: Information no longer available


LOCATION: West Transept

SIGHT SIZE: 15'6" X 9'6"

NOTES: This window was made in the Phipps studio before Connick
opened his own at 9 Harcourt Street in Boston.
(Horace J. Phipps & Co., 65 Bedford Street, Boston, MA)


 Photographs from the Original Sketches

Saint Catherine

Saint Perpetua




Photograph from the cartoons