Accurate measurements at this stage mean easier installation in the future



November 21-23, 2002


Day One -- Morning

Erect scaffold - start glass

Continue glass removal


Day One -- Late Afternoon

Protect opening overnight

Protect opening overnight

Upper Central panel at the ready

Upper Central panel at the ready

2 new panels installed


Day Two -- Noon

3 panels in -- 3 to go

The view from inside

Unpacking the final panels

From . . .

the truck . . .

to the staging area . . .

very . . .

very . . .




Day 2 -- 3 PM

All panels are installed!




Day 3 -- Morning


+  The Completed Window  +

The Rectors Window sees its first morning light


The Original Sketch



 November 3, 2002
Original Design for the Dedication Day Cakes

The DAY begins

Lynne Montross prepares the Social Hour


What's behind the curtain?


Well, it wasn't a total secret!


The Dedication prayers


Familiar faces from the past all around


Barbara, Peter and Rick


David, Louis Pitt, and Laura Vennard


At last!


We almost got it all!




Contemplating the Window


The Rev. Louis Pitt -- the Sixth Rector


The Rev. Lyle Hall returns to All Saints


Rick Montross and Attorney Theodore Curtis


Attorney and Mrs. Curtis, Rick and Guest

+ The New Stained Glass Window Committee +
Rick Montross, Barbara MacDonald, Peter Stringham The Rev. David Killian
Rick Montross, Barbara MacDonald, Peter Stringham and The Rev. David Killian