This window, designed in harmony with its two companions, is devoted to saintly Women of the Bible.

     At the left is Saint Elizabeth, wife of Zacharias and cousin of the Blessed Virgin Mary, with her son, the young Saint John the Baptist. The symbol above, the cave in the mountain, recalls the legend of Elizabeth's retreat from Herod's persecution. In the predella below, the angel Gabriel appears to Zacharias at the altar of the Temple, telling him that his prayer is heard and his wife, Elizabeth, shall bear a son
to be called John.

     The two central figures represent Our Lord's friends, the sisters of Bethany, Saint Mary holding the vase of precious ointment, and Saint Martha, the bowl of fruit and key of the household. Above Saint Mary is the Cross of Faith, and above Saint Martha, a serving spoon and dish. In the predella below Saint Mary, she anoints the feet of Jesus. Saint Martha serves Our Lord at the table in her home. Lazarus is also present.

     Dorcas, also known as Tabitha, the woman of good works and almsdeeds, bearing a small garment to clothe the poor, completes the group. Above is the heart of charity. Below Saint Peter restores her to life.

     Kneeling members of the angelic choir enrich the tracery. They bear trumpets of praise, and musical scroll.

     The Inscription reads: "In memory of Ella Winthrop Saltonstall".

   -- Charles J. Connick Associates


Connick Associates

ARCHITECT: Cram and Ferguson

DEDICATED: October 25, 1964

DONOR: Mrs. Charles K. B. Nevin



LOCATION: West Transept

SIGHT SIZE: 15'6" X 9'6"



PRICE: $9000 ($91.84/ft) (Loss: $824.35)


It was suggested by the Rector, Louis Pitt, that Mrs. Nevin donate the Clerestory Windows in memory of her sister; however, this suggestion was not accepted.

Anecdote: Mrs. Nevin wanted the theme of the window to be Four Women of the Bible but she found she was "hard pressed to find four women she approved of ".

Connick #4784