The Timothy Corey memorial has for its principal features of design three heroes of Scripture. Saint Michael is in the central panel. At either side, in panels, are the figures of Joshua (left) and Gideon (right).

        Beneath the large figures are three smaller panels containing illustrations of trumpeters at the Fall of Jericho (left), the defeat of the Midianites (right), and an inscription reading "This window is given by the sons and daughters in loving memory of their Father, Timothy Corey, 1822-87; Grandfather, Timothy Corey, 1782-1844; Great-grandfather, Captain Timothy Corey, 1742-1811; all residents
of Brookline, and original owners of the land upon which this church stands" (center).

        In the tracery is the Angel with sword (left), and the Angel with scales (right).

        The inscription under this window reads: "A Good Man leaveth an inheritance to his Children's Children".

  -- Harry Eldridge Goodhue


DESIGNER: Harry Eldridge Goodhue

ARCHITECT: Cram, Goodhue and Ferguson

DEDICATED: April 23, 1905

DONOR: Her sons and daughters

EXPOSURE: East                     

FOOTAGE: 91'-11"-4                



PRICE: Information no longer available


LOCATION: East Aisle

SIGHT SIZE: 14'2" X 8'2"

NOTES: Harry Goodhue always used antique glass in his design and was famous for his "curious and striking color schemes".