The theme of this window might well be called Companions of Jesus. He stands in the center lancet with arms outstretched and woven into the background is the text: "The Lord is the Strength of My Life", (Psalm 27, Verse 1).

        Surrounding the figure of Jesus and, in medallion forms, are various
heroic and happy people who through the strength of our Lord have walked
on his path and have contributed much to mankind. The bottom center
medallion depicts a symbolic representation of
Sophie Langdon Tyler as an Indian Princess teaching a group of Arapahoe Indians (Mrs. Tyler was actually made an Indian Princess by the Arapahoe in gratitude for her work among them). In the background, St. Michael's Mission in Ethete, Wyoming is shown. Directly above, in two small medallions, are two Indian symbols - the one on the right meaning "morning star with rays" and the one on the left, "the many things unknown".

        The lower medallion in the left lancet depicts Barrett L. Tyler, as a chaplain in the South Pacific (The son of Dr. and Mrs. Tyler, he lost his life as a World War II Chaplain). The center medallion shows Florence Nightingale ministering to soldiers in the Crimea. The top medallion depicts Sir Wilfred Grenfell in Labrador.

        In the bottom medallion of the right lancet, we see Albert Schweitzer
giving medicine and strength to an African. His pipe organ is introduced
in the background. The center medallion shows
Helen Keller as she is lip
reading. In the top medallion, the
Florence Crittenton League, dear to
Mrs. Tyler, is symbolized by a
nurse bidding good-bye and Godspeed to a young mother and child.

        The tracery contains various Christian symbols beginning with the ox for Service; lily of the valley for Humility; the oak for Strength; and the sheep for Christian. At the top of the window the Alpha and Omega are woven into the design with the symbols of Faith, Hope, and Charity and the Armor of God.

        To summarize: The Communion of God with Man through Jesus Christ is made glorious in this window of colored light.

   -- Wilbur Herbert Burnham


DESIGNER: Wilbur Herbert Burnham

ARCHITECT: Cram and Ferguson

DEDICATED: November 4, 1956

DONOR: Reverend Barrett P. Tyler, Rector of this Parish from 1920 - 1932


FOOTAGE: 91'-11"-4 

LOCATION: West Aisle

SIGHT SIZE: 14'2" X 8'2"



PRICE: $6500


Wilbur H. Burnham worked in Harry E. Goodhue's Cambridge studio, 1906-16; worked with Horace J. Phipps Co., 1916-18; was a partner in Ball and Burnham, 1918-1920; was a partner in Phipps-Ball-Burnham Co., 1920-22; and in 1923, founded the Wilbur Herbert Burnham Studio at 168 Dartmouth Street, Boston (later relocated to 1126 Boylston Street, Boston, and, subsequently, Wakefield, MA)

Tracery of Standard Buff Indiana Limestone by Frank L.
and Charles E. Whitcomb, Inc. Boston, MA at a cost of $4500 plus 10% commission to the architect."