The central figure represents Love, in a manner to suggest Saint Elizabeth of Hungary, but the crown of stars and the clouds at her feet give an added exaltation to her spiritual significance, and gives the direct appeal of an allegory, as do the other two figures. She wears the royal scarlet robe which symbolizes Heavenly love and the passionate good will and kindliness we associate with it. At her head and shoulders are three seraphim, symbols of virtues as gifts from Heaven. These are supplemented by six others in the side lancets and in the upper tracery pieces to make the mystical number nine which, in this connection, signifies the Heavenly gift of the nine Christian virtues.

        Under the central figure is a panel containing the kneeling figure of Saint Ursula, surrounded by young virgins, two of whom she protects within the folds of her royal robe.

        In the left lancet is the allegorical figure of Faith, holding a pure red disk containing an altar as a symbol of faithful devotion. Blues, golds, and violets are the colors of the robes.

        Under the figure of Faith, and supporting the allegory of that figure, is a kneeling angel in white, surrounded by stars and holding a chalice.

        The figure in the right lancet represents Hope. She wears robes of green, gold, and violet, and holds a symbol of the open tomb and three lilies - significant of Christ's Resurrection.

        Beneath this figure kneels an angel in white, with a rainbow at her shoulders.

        Two small angels in the upper tracery pieces complete the composition. They are Saint Agnes with her lamb (left) and Saint Cecelia with the organ (right) iniversal symbols of feminine devotion and grace, faith and love.

        The Memorial Inscription is: "In loving memory of Florence Prescott Ver Planck one of the founders of this church"

  -- Charles J. Connick


DESIGNER: Charles J. Connick

ARCHITECT: Cram and Ferguson

DEDICATED: January 7, 1923

DONOR: Edward D. Ver Planck

EXPOSURE: West                       

FOOTAGE: 91'-11"-4                    



PRICE: $3680 ($35 extra for temporary glass)


LOCATION: West Aisle

SIGHT SIZE: 14'2" X 8'2"


Artificial stone tracery cost $939 including commission

Connick #911


Photograph from the Cartoons



Photographs from the Original Sketches

Saint Catherine

Saint Perpetua