This window is designed in harmony with its companion, The Edyth Penfield Hotchkin memorial Window, and develops a sequence of significant events in Early Church History in a series of subject medallions.

        Pentecost is represented in the center of the window as the central theme, with Saint John in his traditional red garment symbolizing divine love, as the dominant figure in the group of Apostles.

        Above is the Martyrdom of Saint Alban in Third Century England. His first executioner who refused to perform his office is seen throwing down his sword as he confessed himself a Christian.

        The Council of Nicaea (A.D. 325) is symbolized in the lower left medallion, with Saint Athanasius speaking for the elderly Bishop Alexander of Alexandria against Arius the Heresiarch. Emperor Constantine is suggested in the background.

        Saint Boniface, the great Eighth Century missionary from England to the barbarian continent, is represented in the smaller medallion above. He is robed as Archbishop of Mainz.

        Above, Countess Mathilda intercedes with Gregory VII for the Emperor Henry IV, who stands outside outside in the snow as a penitent, begging for an audience with the Pope.

        The gentle Saint Francis of Assisi is represented at the base of the right panel with the wolf of Gubbio and his friends, the birds.

        Above, John Wycliffe is shown sending out his "poor preachers" to preach from his translation of the Bible; and at the top, Thomas Cranmer is represented writing his Prayer Book of 1549. Other books are seen at his feet.

        In the tracery quatrefoil is the symbol of the World Council of Churches. Flames in smaller tracery members suggest divine zeal.

        As in the companion window, the fields surrounding the medallions are enriched by conventionalized oak pattern, symbolizing strength.

        The Memorial Inscription across the base reads:

"To the Glory of God
and in Loving Memory of
William Clarence Hotchkin"

  -- Charles J. Connick Associates



DESIGNER: Connick Associates

ARCHITECT: Cram and Ferguson

DEDICATED: November 2, 1958

DONOR: William C. Hotchkin, in his will





PRICE: $6000 ($75/ft) (Profit: $658.02)


LOCATION: East Transept

SIGHT SIZE: 15'5" X 7'


"Center ventilator eliminated as in earlier window - Installed by
Ralph Lloyd and John Campbell - Scaffolding by Mr. Kingston
of Interior Scaffolding - Shipped by Morton and Company"

Connick #4058